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What to Pack for Your Rental Van

You did it! You booked your first RV or Van for renting! You've got the booking set, the schedule set, and the friends invited. But what's included in your rental? What even am I supposed to bring?

The answer probably won't make you too happy: it depends.

It depends on a few different things. What does your rental include? All RV owners are stocking their RVs or Vans differently. And the space in vans and RVs is limited - you only want to haul around what you actually need.

In our vans we try to keep it simple. Simple means it's easy to keep up, lighter to drive (less gas!) and takes up less space. Our basic rentals include just the bones of the van - the fridge, the bathroom, the kitchen, bed, and dinette. We, of course, have a comfort package available for a small fee just in case you'd like a little extra provided for you. Our comfort package includes an induction pan, bottle opener, two camping chairs, and a queen set for the bed.

What You Need to Pack in Your Rental Van

You'll need to pack your daily necessities.

  • Pack paper plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. This tends to be the easiest option when on the road - especially while dry camping.

  • Pack your clothes! Pack layers because it tends to get cooler the higher in elevation you get!

  • Stock up on food. Fill up the van pantry and fridge and small freezer with the foods you'll need to stay energized for your adventures.

It's as simple as that! Road Tripping in a Rental Van is fun! Keep it simple on purpose. I promise it's good for your mind and great for your soul.

Enjoy your next adventure!

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